Government Representation

MBG has significant expertise in representing state and local governments that sue companies for violating consumer protection, anti-fraud, and public health and safety laws.  In recent years, a firm-wide team represented the Attorneys General of seven states in “Average Wholesale Price” lawsuits against the nation’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers to seek redress for damages to state Medicaid programs caused by publishing false and inflated prices for prescription drugs.  This work recovered approximately $1.2 billion dollars for the firm’s state clients.

Currently, MBG represents several states’ Attorneys General in litigation involving a variety of issues, including:  opioids, marketing e-cigarettes to youth, PFAS, the pesticide Chlordane, and the deceptive consumer marketing practices of retail energy suppliers.

The firm’s experience makes us an ideal partner for these matters.  We understand MDLs and how to litigate in them.  We also understand the high degree of legal expertise and professionalism that is at all times required, and the higher standard that courts and the public expect from government litigants.

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