Pollution, Toxic Chemicals & Environmental Litigation

Exposure to pollution and toxic chemicals can irreparably injure your health, property and the environment around you. Harmful exposures can be from an isolated event or from low-level exposures that occur over many years. Miner, Barnhill & Galland is deeply committed to protecting the environment, people and their property from corporate polluters and environmental disasters. Through class actions, individual litigation or regulatory enforcement actions, the firm can help you evaluate these types of exposures or events and can help provide you relief from harmful exposures.

  • Environmental Disasters

    Whether through a company’s failure to modernize or employ effective pollution controls, or through a catastrophic accident, large-scale environmental disasters can put you, your property and the environment around you at serious risk. If you believe you have been exposed to harmful pollutants or toxins as a result of a large-scale environmental disaster, MBG can provide you with experienced counsel.

  • Air Pollution

    A variety of state and federal laws are available to help address the harms of air pollution. MBG has represented private homeowners and environmental advocacy groups to try to curb the harms of air pollution. If you believe you or your property have been exposed to harmful air pollutants, please contact us for a free consultation.

  • Water Contamination

    Water pollution and water contamination are also addressed by numerous state and federal laws. If you believe your drinking water or the ground water feeding your property has been contaminated with harmful pollution or toxins, MBG can help.

  • Citizen Suits and Regulatory Enforcement

    Sometimes our enforcement agencies fail to sufficiently address the regulatory violations of corporate polluters. The Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and other federal and state laws have provisions that allow citizens to bring lawsuits to ensure that companies abide by the laws intended to curb their pollution. If you would like to discuss bringing a lawsuit to ensure that a company is abiding by the law, MBG can help you navigate the complex regulatory schemes that may provide relief.

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