Lambda School / Bloom Institute of Technology Class Action

Fuller, et al. v. Bloom Institute of Technology, formerly d/b/a Lambda School, et al., CGC-23-605179 (Sup. Ct. Cal.)

Bloom Institute of Technology, formerly Lambda School, is a for-profit, unaccredited computer coding bootcamp that opened in 2017. Since its inception, Lambda has marketed itself as a no-money-down path to a high-paying tech job. Instead of traditional tuition, students sign Income Share Agreements (ISAs) or similar tuition payment plans for up to $30,000 in future earnings. And as proof that its students succeed, Lambda has advertised lofty job placement rates ranging from 74 to 90 percent.

In reality, Lambda privately revealed that its true job placement rates have ranged between just 27 and 50 percent. Lambda also misrepresented that it had state approval to operate when, in fact, it did not. Through these misrepresentations, Lambda enrolled thousands of students, saddling each with up to $30,000 in ISA or similar tuition plan repayment obligations.

Now the students are fighting back. MBG attorneys David Baltmanis and Ryan Miller represent four former Lambda students, on behalf of a putative class of thousands, alleging that Lambda violated multiple California consumer protection laws by misrepresenting job placement rates and operating without state approval. The students seek cancelation of their ISAs or similar tuition payment plans, restitution for payments on those plans, and an order for Lambda to discontinue misrepresenting job placement rates.

If you enrolled with Lambda or Bloom on or after March 2020, you may be a member of the Fuller class.

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Every Lambda student has a story about their experience, and every story makes a difference. If you enrolled with Lambda, please complete the contact form below to share your story.

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Class Action Complaint, March 2023

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